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Joe’s first christmas- photo collection

Christmas is one of our favourite times of year, and this year has been particularly magical because it’s Joseph’s first ever christmas! We have been so excited even though Joe has no idea whats happening!  Here are some photos from just before and during Christmas:

Joe reading with daddy
Joe reading with daddy


Joe with nanny
Joe with nanny
Joe opening presents with mommy
Nanny and grandad wait for a christmassy roast
Biggest joint of meat we have ever cooked! Tasty roast beef!
Robin proudly standing by his giant joint!
Feeding time again!
The grandparents gather together
Robin with his “Dad” mug from Joe for christmas!
Daddy and Joe
Look at all those pressies!

Thanks to everyone who helped to make Joe’s first christmas really special! xxx


4 thoughts on “Joe’s first christmas- photo collection”

  1. Love that joes been swimming and that he enjoyed it , and that he enjoys our family faveorite cheese and potato pie yummy lol xx

    1. Yes we all love cheese and potato pie! He also had cheesey mash with a bit of tuna in and he quite liked that too. He has eaten the tin of Thomas the Tank pasta you got him but I had to blitz it in the food processor so you couldn’t really tell it was Thomas xxx

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