Cystic Fibrosis

Call the midwife- cystic fibrosis awareness

Just finished watching call the midwife. Have also just finished crying! (Thanks mom who recommended it!) 

The episode touches a subject very close to our hearts. It follows the trials of one family who encounter cystic fibrosis in both children but to them it is a mystery illness. In real life Jenny Agutter (left) who plays sister Julienne carries the cystic Fibrosis gene and her niece Rachel who is now in her twenties has cystic fibrosis. Her parents were told that Rachel would not reach ten years old but with advancements in medicine she is now continuing to thrive. Jenny Agutter is also led to believe that cystic fibrosis probably killed her brother and sister but was undiagnosed at the time.

Jenny Agutter raising money for CF Trust

I found watching the programme quite emotional as I could really see myself and Joseph reflected in the mom and her baby’s characters. Although we never really witnessed Joseph struggling to gain weight as the condition was caught early so a pattern couldn’t have been shown, we did experience the never ending feeding, the constant hunger and the constant crying all of which I thought was normal at the time. When Joseph was first born I found it difficult to cope with his demands and like the lady in the program I struggled to breast feed despite trying again and again and getting help from midwives. I often questioned whether I was a good enough mother and suspected that I might have postnatal depression as I couldn’t cope with his constant crying and demands for food. When we found out Joe had cystic fibrosis we were devastated but at least we could then begin his treatment and get his life off to the best possible start. It wasn’t until he had been diagnosed that I realised that his skin does taste very salty (not that I often go around licking him!) which is part of his condition as was shown on call the midwife when she quoted the Swiz children’s nursery rhyme ““The child will soon die whose brow tastes salty when kissed”.

All in all I thought it was a very accurate depiction of cystic fibrosis and I hope that it raises awareness for the condition. If you get chance to watch it please do.


2 thoughts on “Call the midwife- cystic fibrosis awareness”

  1. Ive not watched this Rachel but your mum has told me about it. After reading this I will find time to watch it. Thanks for allowing me to see your blog. Its lovely to see all the pictures of Joseph and very educational!! Im enjoying all the recipes too! For what its worth I think you and Rob are amazing parents to Joseph and the fact that he is so happy and content despite his cystic fibrosis is a reflection on your parenting xxxx

    1. Ahh, thanks Sarah that’s a lovely thing to say! We wouldn’t be able to look after him so well without the support of our friends and family too. You should definitely check out the programme I’ve not watched the series before but it was very good- don’t know if that’s just because we had an emotional link to it but I enjoyed watching it even though it made me cry. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog- you don’t have to read every post, some things may not interest you but thought it would be a nice way of keeping in touch xxxxx miss you all xxxx

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