Cystic Fibrosis


No, that’s not a magic spell cast by the likes of Harry Potter it’s the injection that Joseph has had to have every twenty eight days for the past 5 months and today was his last one!!! Yey! But (un)fortunately he may have to have them again next year.


Just thought I would give you all a bit of information about the palivizumab injection in case you were interested in why Joseph has had to be injected in both legs every month and why its worth it!

Due to Joseph’s cystic Fibrosis he is at risk of contracting a serious chest infection caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). This virus is most prominent in the Autumn winter and spring months (Oct- March) so the palivizumab helps protect Joseph from developing RSV and needing to go to hospital.

What is RSV?


Its a virus that causes infections in young children. Most children who catch RSV just get a bit of a runny nose. However if Joseph were to catch this virus he would end up seriously poorly in hospital. It is spread like the common cold and to avoid Joseph catching the virus (or any other for that matter) we need to follow common sense rules such as

  • regular washing of hands (ours and Joes)
  • keeping baby away from creche or nursery where the virus is rife
  • keeping people with colds away
  • disposing of used tissues
  • disinfecting baby toys
  • no smoking around baby

Side affects of injection

These include fever, diarrhoea, swelling/redness at sight of injection and general nervousness. Luckily Joe has had no side affects apart from the nervousness (and the fact that it bloody hurts having a great big needle in both legs at the same time!)

It has not been pleasant taking Joe for these injections as I hate to see him upset but it has been worth it so far as he has remained virus free all winter and anything that helps keep him healthy is worth it ( not sure if Joe would agree though….) xxx


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