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Joe’s first Swim!

Yesterday we took Joe swimming for the first time! We had been wanting to take him for ages but his lung nurse said to wait until after he had had all his injections and his chest was clear. He loved it!! We got him a little wet suit in the sale at Mothercare to keep him warm in the pool and he wore his little swim nappy that grandma Teresa bought for him that has a picture of squirt from finding Nemo on- well cute! As soon as he got in the pool he was squealing with glee and splashing everyone so much it was difficult to hold him! He loved it when daddy hid underwater and popped up unexpectedly. The only thing he didn’t like was when he splashed so much he got water all over his face and up his nose- lots of coughing and spluttering ensued!


We stayed in the pool for about 20 mins but it was a little bit cold then so we got dry and went to Pizza Hut for lunch! Joe ate LOADS including some pasta sauce, a bread stick and an apple slice but he soon discarded his bread stick when he realised there was pizza.



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