Playing to our strengths

This is the first time in quite a few years that I haven’t set myself a new years resolution. Every year I always find some way that I could be better, or improve, I could always weigh less or be more. But this year I decided maybe its enough just to be me. I just read an interesting article today in psychologies magazine that made me think about this, it says “Instead of beating ourselves up about improving our lives, how about focusing on what we are good at?” Perhaps we should look at the good things we do and the values we hold and instead of finding ways to be different just be more ourselves and work on doing more of the things we are already good at?

I don’t want Joseph to grow up thinking of all the things that he can’t do or all the obstacles in his path, I want him to focus on how brilliant he is and enjoy the skills and talents that he does have so I suppose the best way to teach him that is to lead by example.

We all could do with focusing on our strengths and stop comparing our lives to others. I hope you will all join me in playing to our strengths this year.


1 thought on “Playing to our strengths”

  1. Lovely photos ,Joesph looks like he likes snuggling up to Aunty Lynne and not sure whether he was more keen on Sophie or the food he seems to be eating lol xx

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