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Weaning: eggy bread

Here is a recipe for eggy bread a new favourite of Joe’s! It doesn’t look very healthy but he’s a growing lad and needs energy dense foods and he loved it! It’s also recommended by Annabel Karmel who is an expert on children’s nutrition for stage two weaning. Joe loved it he ate every last scrap and basically sucked it up like a Hoover!

Makes one slice of eggy bread for baby
1 egg
1/2 cup full fat milk
1 slice of bread
1 tsp butter or oil for frying


Mix the egg and milk together in a shallow dish big enough to put your slice of bread in. Soak both sides of the slice of bread in the egg mix for a few minutes each side.



Meanwhile heat the butter in a pan and then place the eggy bread in the pan to fry


Fry both sides of the bread until crispy this may take around 5mins each side make sure it’s cooked thoroughly as you don’t want your little one eating raw eggs


Cut up into little baby sized soldiers and leave to cool so they can hold them easily in there little hands


20140124-141301.jpgAnd watch as they devour it!



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