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Photos and update

Today Joseph gets his results from his annual review which is basically a bunch of tests and chest x-rays that he has once a year to check with his overall progress and to see if there are any changes that need to be made to his treatment, wish us luck, fingers crossed no more medicine is needed just quite yet!

Joseph at cafe rouge 1

We went to Liverpool during half term here is a picture of Joe in cafe rouge! Unfortunately he wouldn’t eat the bread and hummus we got him for lunch, he was much more interested in the waitress who gave him a balloon.



This is our lovely friend Hannah who we sometimes go on holiday with. She is training to be a nurse and has worked on the cystic fibrosis ward at Great Ormond Street Hospital! She has recently raised some money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust by running a race and here she is proudly displaying her medal! Well done hannah! She was running in memory of her friends friend who tragically died of CF recently at a young age, but she sent us a message to say she was running for Joe too. We are very proud of her.

IMG-20140528-WA0000 IMG-20140528-WA0001 IMG-20140528-WA0002

Here is Joe at Nanny and Grandad’s checking out his ride! He also had a quick, unintentional look under the bonnet and had to await rescue. We had a lovely time with nanny and grandad and seeing all our cousins, Uncle Rich and Auntie Sarah.

We had a bit of a drama yesterday, Joe fell off the sofa face first and hurt himself. He wasn’t quite right after that he was very clingy  all day and just not himself. In the evening after some tea and a visit from granny and grandpa he started to perk up but then he choked on his salty medicine and was violently sick all over daddy and the living room floor. Joe, Grandpa, daddy and mommy all ended up covered in sick so it was bath and bed time for us all.

Here’s a few sneaky pics of Joe’s Auntie, Uncle and cousins who we love very much- they are all little cuties!

IMG-20140518-WA0010 IMG-20140518-WA0013 IMG-20140520-WA0006 IMG-20140520-WA0007 IMG-20140520-WA0008 IMG-20140520-WA0009 IMG-20140523-WA0000


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