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Joseph’s birthday

We just want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone for helping to make Joseph’s first birthday special! We all had a great time and it was so lovely for Joseph to have so many friends and family from all over the country come to celebrate with him.

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake

I was very impressed with how much effort people made with the cowboys and indians theme I understand it  was quite a difficult one as cowboys don’t seem to be that popular currently- I’m not really sure of the ins and outs of it but I think cowboys and Indians is a bit of a political minefield at the moment but we loved our party all the same.

wpid-img-20140621-wa0045.jpg wpid-img-20140621-wa0060.jpg wpid-img-20140621-wa0074.jpg

It’s a day that me and Rob will never forget and although Joseph won’t remember it I shall enjoy showing him all the pictures of the event and he can grow up knowing his first year was celebrated and that he is loved by so many wonderful people.

wpid-img-20140621-wa0033.jpg wpid-img-20140621-wa0056.jpg wpid-img-20140621-wa0057.jpg

wpid-img-20140621-wa0073.jpg wpid-img-20140621-wa0062.jpg wpid-img-20140621-wa0059.jpg

In the few days prior to Joes party and on his actual birthday we had a lovely visit from nanny and grandad and a little birthday tea with them and granny and grandpa. It was a lovely evening, just right for little Joe to lap up all the attention and revel in being the birthday boy. Thanks SO much to mom and lex who helped look after Joe while I tried to organise the parties (whilst getting mega stressed out for no reason!) and for creating more memories for him to look back on.

wpid-img-20140621-wa0021.jpg wpid-img-20140618-wa0018.jpgwpid-img-20140620-wa0006.jpgwpid-img-20140618-wa0064.jpgwpid-img-20140618-wa0066.jpgwpid-img-20140620-wa0008.jpgwpid-img-20140618-wa0050.jpgwpid-img-20140618-wa0032.jpgwpid-img-20140620-wa0013.jpg

Joseph turning one has been a pretty emotional time for me- its been a time to reflect on how much he has changed and grown over the past year, saying goodbye to the fragile, soft little baby who would fall asleep in my arms who I would just stare at for hours and hello to this beautiful, messy, adventurous, car loving, hilarious little toddler!  Its amazing how much me and Rob have changed into different people as well because of this amazing little person who popped into our lives! It’s been a difficult year full of ups and downs but by far the best year of my life. Becoming a mommy has been the most amazing experience, everyday I have learnt something knew about myself, about Joseph, about families and relationships and about the meaning of life.

Of course I spent some time (well lots of time!) wallowing and thinking of all the sad things- cystic fibrosis is not something I would wish on anyone, let alone my own son, and it is hard and sad and scary. It is a challenge we have been given and it has made us stronger, more resilient and has put life into perspective. Despite all the hard times the majority of the past year has been full of so many highs and I feel a love for Joseph that I never thought possible. He makes me see the world through different eyes, he makes me laugh and laugh until I cry, he fills me with never ending wonder and as long as he is here my world will be a perfect place. 

So again thanks so much for sharing in his first year and helping us to celebrate this momentous milestone! 

Love you all! 







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