Marzipan and chocolate heart sandwiches

I fancied making something for pudding this evening but didn’t have a lot of time or ingredients so I decided to make something really simple yet very satisfying. I got the idea from pinterest when searching for marzipan recipes earlier- I came across the image below from the Blue ridge baker blog and decided to come up with my own quick and easy version;

I can’t really call this a recipe as the marzipan is shop bought and it only takes three ingredients to make these little tasty morsels, it takes less than 15 minutes so if you’re stuck for a dessert idea or just fancy a sweet nibble why not give these marzipan chocolate heart sandwiches a try!



Firstly you need to roll out the marzipan to around a cm in thickness- make sure you dust the work surface with icing sugar first to prevent sticking. Then cut out little hearts with a heart cutter- I used the smallest one I could find.


Put these hearts on a dusted baking tray in the fridge. Then melt around 100g of chocolate- I used milk as that is what we had in the cupboard. When melted mix in a splash of whole milk, this should make the chocolate go a bit fudgey.


Fetch the marzipan hearts from the fridge, spread the chocolate fudge-iness onto the hearts and sandwich together. Then put them back on the baking tray and put in fridge to cool for around 5 mins.


When cool dust with icing sugar and….enjoy!



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