Joe hospital 1

Joe had a trip to the hospital recently, but is now nearly fully recovered.

We went out to buy him a paddling pool and play in granny and grandpa’s garden in the sunshine but all our best intentions were thwarted as Joe was very lethargic and grumpy and wouldn’t go anywhere near the paddling pool.

Joe hospital 2

He seemed also to dislike being in the sun. We thought he had perhaps gotten a little sunstroke, he was very sleepy and when he was awake he wouldn’t eat and was very clingy.

Joe hospital 3

By that evening he was burning up and he hadn’t eaten or drunk for hours. We were very concerned as he became unresponsive and was just lying on my lap with his eyes rolling so we rang the childrens observation and assessment unit at the hospital where he has 24 hour access. They told us to check his temperature and to check it every hour to make sure it goes down.  He had a fever at 39 degrees but over a few hours it dropped to a more normal 37.

We left him overnight to see if he recovered with a little sleep but when we got up in the morning he was covered in a nasty rash and continued to be very unsettled and refused food or drink so we rang the hospital back and they told us to take him in for observations.


After a tortuous 5 hours in hospital where Joe screamed hysterically at all the nurses (Rob saw in Joes notes that the nurse and doctors had written “Crying and distressed +++!”) and refused any treatment unless he was looking at the big poster with vehicles on it, we were told that he had a viral infection and tonsillitis and prescribed a two week course of penicillin.

IMAG1950 Joe hospital 1 IMAG1945

The rash is now nearly cleared up but for around a week it was angry red spots particularly bad on his legs.



It has also caused a lot of stress in taking his medicines which is a major problem as he has so much (30 plus doses a day!!) He refused to take medicine as it hurt his throat, he also had ulcers on his tongue which stung when he took medicine so we had to resort to bribery, trickery and eventually holding him down using a technique they use at hospital which made us feel like medieval torturers! Even though his throat now seems better he is still being finicky when it comes to medicine and we are having to sneak it in between mouthfuls of chocolate buttons.

Hopefully when his course of penicillin  finishes Friday he will start taking his other medicines again. If anyone has any advice on how to get toddlers to take medicine please let us know!


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