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fun in the sun at Nanny and Grandads

We had a great day the other week relaxing in the sunshine while the children played in the pool and the garden at Nanny and Grandads. It was lovely for Joe to get to spend some quality time with his cousins, although he is a bit disgruntled now that he is no longer the baby of the family!

IMAG1812 IMAG1810 IMAG1813 IMAG1816 IMAG1817

We even managed to trick him into wearing a hat which lasted approximately 2-3 minutes. The last photo captures the exact moment he realises he has a hat on….moments later it was discarded never to be worn again!

IMAG1844 IMAG1839 IMAG1836 IMAG1818 IMAG1819 IMAG1822

Joe loved playing in the pool while it was empty and enjoyed climbing in and out and filling it with an array of trucks before his cousins got there.

IMAG1920 IMAG1903 IMAG1885 IMAG1852 IMAG1851

He also had great fun being pushed around in a car, playing on the swing with nanny and exploring stones. But the thing he enjoyed most was helping grandad fill up the pool with water!

IMAG1871 IMAG1870 IMAG1867 IMAG1865 IMAG1859

Soon the rest of the family arrived and the real fun could commence! Eating, frolicking in the pool and playing with his cousins!

IMAG1874 IMAG1877 IMAG1879 IMAG1880 IMAG1884 IMAG1894 IMAG1895 IMAG1911 IMAG1910 IMAG1913 IMAG1912 IMAG1916 IMAG1919 IMAG1915

And I especially loved getting some snuggles with and photos of baby Max!

IMAG1900 IMAG1899 IMAG1897 IMAG1896 IMAG1887 IMAG1876 IMAG1875




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