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Sarah’s Hen-do

This weekend I was very lucky to attend my sister in law to be’s hen do! It was a beautiful day full of lots of fun and laughter and plenty of cake which is the way the best days always are don’t you think!

We started the Hen do with an afternoon tea in the local community centre. It was beautifully decorated and the bridesmaids all looked fabulous in there 1940’s style outfits. It was such a lovely occasion with lots of thoughtful gifts and surprises for the bride to be including a lovely heart felt letter from the groom, a photographer and an ice cream van with free icecreams for all the family!

We also played a hilarious game where we were split into teams and given a bag full of random items such as tin foil and toilet roll then asked to make the wedding dress we imagined the bride to be wearing on the day!





The bride to be looked beautiful as did the flower girls who were a little overwhelmed by the whole event but soon perked up after a few slices of cake and an ice cream!






In the evening we went out for a few drinks where there was chance for a few more adult themed surprises for the bride and the guests! Then we went on for a lovely meal to a greek restaurant where a lot of greek dancing, belly dancing and dancing on the tables ensued!

A brilliant evening was had by all!

I for one can’t wait for the wedding which I am sure will be beautiful as Sarah is a very talented lady and has put a lot of time, effort, love and creativity into the special day.

She is a wonderful person, a kind, generous and fun loving friend and I am so pleased to be able to call her my sister in law in just a few weeks time!


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