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Knitted tie

As you all know by now my brother is getting married in just a few weeks time so we are all very excited here in the Crawshaw household. Rob is very keen to look dapper on the day and has treated himself to a nice new tweed suit. He was struggling to find a tie he liked to match so my mom and I have made him one!

wpid-imag2645.jpgMom is an expert knitter and she whipped up this tie in no time using wool from her stash. I don’t have the pattern here to share with you but it was a moss stitch or seed stitch tie and you can find a very similar pattern for free hereThe tie was too wide for Robs liking as he prefers skinny ties, so with moms recommendation I lined the tie with some ribbon and took it in at the edges on the sewing machine. This was very fiddly and took ages and would probably have been easier to do by hand but I think the finished article looks quite smart don’t you?


All he needs now is a tie pin, but I’m not sure me and my mom could rustle one of those up with a ball of wool and some ribbon!

So here’s a few tie pins that have caught our eye!

Bike tie pin- rob does love his bike
Axe tie pin- for the viking in you


You can’t go wrong with a fox


Octopus tie pin

which one do you like best?


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