Gratitude Friday

Gratitude Friday

Lots of days have come and gone where I have felt that life is unfair, like things haven’t gone my way or that there is not one ounce of good left in the world. I have sat and wallowed in my misfortune, revelled in the sadness on the news and relived the same terrible moment over and over in my head until I am dizzy with it all.

gratitude and mindfulness

We all have days like these where it is so easy to become blinded by one or a few bad things that we can no longer see all the good that’s left. Is there any way out of this cycle?


One of my best friends was recently telling me about a woman she knows who is one of the happiest people you could meet, she said she is one of those people that “knows how good her life is”and always lifts everyone’s mood. When asked, for example, if she has “had a good weekend?” or “how are you?” she always responds with a smile and a story about something lovely or wonderful that has happened to her, no matter how small. She lets people know how lucky she is and shows gratitude.

gratitude, thankful

Is she a millionaire? No. Has she got a high flying career, or does she sit at home all day getting pedicures and drinking cocktails? No neither of those. She is an ordinary woman, with a normal job, two little children and all the stresses and strife that come with everyday life just like every body else. So what makes her different? Of course she has bad days and she gets sad, bad things happen to her just like they happen to me, to you to the lady across the street- but how does she avoid this cycle of sadness that I, and so many of us are prone to?


gratitude, thankful, grateful

That’s it. That is her big secret. Gratitude. Such a small thing that can make such a big difference to your life. Practising gratitude doesn’t mean that nothing bad will ever happen to you again, it doesn’t mean that life will be easy and there won’t be bad days, life shortening illnesses, war and famine. But it will help us to see our life in a different light.

thankful, grateful, gratitude

There is always something to be grateful for even on the worst of days, and this is something that we so easily overlook.

I want Joe to grow up knowing that there is so much to be grateful for, that he is able to be happy despite any of the problems that come his way. And what better way to teach him that than living by example. So I have decided to make Fridays Gratitude Day here on our blog to see how much of a difference it makes to our life and our outlook on life. My aim is on Fridays to tell you at least three things we have been grateful for this week.

gratitude, grateful, give thanks

I have downloaded an app on my phone to help me record what I am grateful for day by day, you can get the app here. Why don’t you join in and see what a difference gratitude can make to your day?

Here are the three things I am grateful for- they are pretty big things, some days the things I’m grateful for will be much smaller but still very important.


My beautiful little boy Joe- I am so grateful to have him in my life, to see him run around, laugh,eat, watch postman pat and wake me up in the morning with a big dribbly grin. He is more wonderful than words can say.


My wonderful husband and best friend, I am so grateful to have such a kind, handsome, generous man to share my life and bring up my son. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

IMG_0826 IMAG1895 IMAG1915 IMAG1920 IMAG0002 IMG-20140817-WA0005

My lovely friends and family I am so grateful to have so many wonderful and supportive people in my life and to share in Joseph’s life.

Hope you all have lots to be grateful for this week!




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