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Interesting things Wednesday

Here are some of the things that have been capturing our imaginations this week.

new scientist
New Scientist collection magazine: The Scientific Guide to a better you

This third issue of New Scientist: The Collection, a compilation of classic articles from New Scientist, is dedicated to giving you the tools to live a better life, all based on scientific evidence.

In an ideal world this would be Joe’s bedroom


Elephant Quilt! Maker / Artist: Darlene Determan
Quilting: Thread Painting by Kristy Wolf
Baking in bundt tins- this is a Blackberry jam donut bundt cake looks amazing!
Tim Wotton- amazing guy telling his story about how he has managed to live into his 40’s with CF- giving hope to other CFers out there.

Here is a link to Tims blog Post cards from Earth– please check it out.


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