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End of the summer holidays

So it’s the end of the summer holidays and daddy has had to go back to work 😦

We have felt so lucky to have him at home for a whole six weeks and I know Rob has felt such gratitude at being able to share in some of the big moments in Joe’s life – things he wouldn’t have experienced if he had been working. This Summer has been filled with so many amazing things and fun times.

We’ve been on holiday to the lake district:

IMAG2212 IMAG2220 IMAG2271 IMAG2300 IMAG2310 IMAG2351 IMG_0794 IMG_0798

Even though it rained (and by rain I mean end of the world, torrential, log cabin nearly floated away rained) the whole time we were there we still had an amazing time with our friends going from lodge to coffee shop to soft play centre and back again!

Joe learnt to walk! Yes before this summer Joe had been cruising around the furniture for months and would not take that leap of faith. Now he is running the roost- literally running riot!

IMG_0705 IMG_0725 IMG_0905 IMG_0994We’ve visited friends and family and partied the night away on hen and stag do’s!

IMAG2598 IMAG2625 IMAG1912 IMAG1894 IMG-20140817-WA0005

IMG_0924 IMG_0937

We’ve been down many a slide and inside lots of play centres

IMG_1045 IMG_1064 IMG_1068And mommy and daddy have even had one night away on their own doing what they do best- eating! The food pictured is from Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Birmingham.

IMG_0888 IMG_0889 IMG_0892 IMG_0897

We’ve had a few ups and downs- Joe bumping his head, me having gastroenteritis, Joseph having tonsillitis, but overall we have had a fantastic time.

I for one can’t wait for half term! So here’s to you Rob- the best daddy in the whole world and the best husband too, we have loved having you at home with us and I hope we haven’t tired you out too much! xxx




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