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Interesting things Wednesday


Cheesy garlic bread sticks

At Richard and Sarah’s wedding  in the evening they served a buffet for the guests which contained some cheesy, garlicky, bread stick pizza things which were very tasty. Robin admitted afterwards he ate 8 pieces! So think I’m going to have to give them a go! Found this recipe at

Baileys mocha chocolate cupcakes

I also came across these on pinterest. The recipe can be found at I think next time I get a bottle of Baileys I’m going to have to give these bad boys a try!

Cowboy crochet doll

I can think of someone who would love this doll (daddy!) If only I could get the hang of crochet! The doll pattern is £8 from Ravelry.

“The Woods” by Andreas Engesvik

I love these blown glass trees created by Andreas Engesvik called “The Woods”. Andreas says:

“The inspiration was found in the forests and the lights of the North. A tree changing colours and transparency through the seasons is a fascinating process which was captured in this glass object.”

I was thinking that they reminded me of some glassware that my Nan Iris had in her house (She used to have little pottery siamese cats hanging off the edges of these large glass bowls in similar colours to the artwork above) then as I read about these sculptures on The Jealous Curator she said exactly the same thing!

“Oooh, a forest of glass! And those gorgeous colors… modern, but with an oddly familiar feel. I’m sure my grandmother had objects around her house in exactly the same palette.”

Comparison is the thief of joy

Love this pretty illustration but also highly agree with the sentiment. I often have to remind myself not to compare myself, my life, my possessions or my family to that of others. You never know what goes on behind closed doors and also when you are constantly coveting what others have got you forget to be grateful for what you already have.

Hope you have enjoyed these interesting things this Wednesday!


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