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Toddler entertainment by Toys R Us

Sometimes when mommy has had a hard day Daddy takes Joe out for an hour so I can put my feet up  finish the house work. He used to take him to the supermarket to do the shopping but since finding his walking legs Joe will not under any circumstances stay in the trolley. And if its raining its not always possible to take him to the park. So daddy has discovered a new place to go to entertain Joe for an hour- its free (as long as you don’t get too tempted by the goods on show), contains many vehicles, is warm and dry and doesn’t involve a shopping trolley.

It’s Toys R Us! Luckily Joe is too young to ask for all the toys to take home with him and is content to run around pointing at stuff and pressing things, if he becomes attached its not too difficult to distract him with something else. SO if you have a 14 month old toddler who loves cars then try Toys R Us for an hour, it certainly kept Joe quiet entertained!


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