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Gratitude Friday

Here is what  I am grateful for this week:

  • Missing people I am feeling a little lonely this week as I have come back up north and miss my family and friends. But then that made me grateful that I have people to miss.     
  • Looking at bugs Yesterday me and Joe spent an hour walking very slowly round the block looking at bugs, butterflies and growling at cats in the sunshine. It’s moments like that that make me grateful for my son, being a stay at home mom and for the lovely area we live in.

    lady bugs
  • Social media and mobiles I am grateful for mobile phones and whatsapp that help me to keep in touch with my family who live miles away, it makes me feel a little closer to them. Even though Mobile phones and social media gets a bad wrap (and rightly so in some cases) without these things I would not feel as connected as I do to some of the people I love the most.
  • Babies safety I am grateful that my pregnant friend who was in hospital this week because of some complications in her pregnancy is fine and well and that the baby is still strong and healthy in her tummy.             
  • Sainsburys I am grateful for the Sainsburys food delivery we had this week so I didn’t have to struggle round the supermarket with a feisty and agitated toddler and could use my time more productively (see looking at bugs above)

I hope you have found plenty to be grateful for this week.



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