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Cuerden Park

This Sunday we had a lovely afternoon together walking around Cuerden Valley Park.


We didn’t bother taking Joe’s pushchair as we thought he would enjoy walking around himself so we headed out armed with our trusty reigns. But as you can see he did not get up to much walking! Mommy and Daddy had to carry him around most of the way while he pointed at things to look at….mostly shouting “bee!” which is his word for any bug that flies. IMG_1248 He really enjoyed watching Daddy throw pebbles in the water and them going “sploop” and pointing and laughing at lots of dogs. IMG_1252He really enjoyed looking at all the weird things in the forest like these mushrooms. On the way back to the car we also saw a tractor drive past right by us! That was the highlight of Joe’s life so far and he thought it was amazing.  Then off we trundled back home to have a big plate of macaroni cheese! Hope everyone has had a good weekend!


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