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Wedding anniversary


Today is Rob and I’s 3rd Wedding anniversary! Can’t believe it’s been three years already but at the same time can’t believe its only been three years! So much has happened and changed in our lives in that three year period- we’ve moved house and live in a new area, Rob has had several new jobs and so have I, we have had a baby and now have an amazing son, I’m a stay at home mom and I suddenly know more about CF than I ever imagined I would, my brother has moved and got a lovely new wife, we’ve got 3 new nieces and nephews- the list goes on!

It’s amazing how much life changes without you even realising it. We have much less time to devote to each other now, a baby certainly puts a strain on your free time and we’ve been through some really difficult times- bad news, sleepless nights, coming to terms with an uncertain future for our son. Our life is not how we imagined it to be and we have in some ways had to grieve for the loss of the future and family life we had felt so certain was down the line for us.

But although life has not gone exactly the way we had planned, its also much more amazing and marvelous than we had imagined. And one thing that has never changed is our love and respect for each other. Marrying Rob was the best decision I have ever made and I love being his wife. I can’t imagine my life without him. He makes the darker times easier and the happy times brighter.

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