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Gratitude Friday

Here are some things we are grateful for this week!

Firstly I’d like to say congratulations to my friend on the birth of her new baby boy. I am so grateful that mom and baby are safe, due to complications baby is in neonatal but doing well.

Public libraries
Public libraries
reading at the library
reading at the library

Public Libraries

Me and Rob have both worked in libraries on and off for some years now so we may be a little biased, but we are also aware of how hard people in public libraries work and what a good service they provide to local communities. Now that neither of us work for public libraries anymore we still want to use and support the service and encourage Joe to love his library! Every week we go and get new books to look at, learn from and to inspire us all for free! Joe even got an Elmer sticker this week despite running around the library like a mad man hauling along a toy phone shouting “Hiya! Hiya!” disturbing the relative peace and quiet of the other borrowers evening!


We are very lucky to have the Ribble Steam railway not far from our house and we had a lovely afternoon on Saturday watching, exploring and riding on the trains. I was a bit apprehensive about Joe sitting on a train for 45 minutes but he was as good as gold and absolutely fascinated. I am so grateful to be able to have days out like this with my family and to see the joy on my little boys face when he sees the “choo choo’s!” Joe quite liked it too!


IMG_1324 IMG_1332 IMG_1374 IMG_1376



We are also really luck to have lots and lots of lovely parks and green spaces around us. We don’t have a garden so its really important to us to take Joe outside and explore nature whenever we can. Its such a lovely thing to just pop on your coat and wander down the road or travel 5 mins in the car to a lovely outdoor space, especially now autumn is here and all the beautiful colours from the leaves are all around us.

exploring the forest
exploring the forest

IMG_1389I hope you have all found something to be grateful for this week!



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