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Afternoon tea

For my moms birthday Mom, Sarah and I went to Hoar Cross Hall for Afternoon tea.

Hoar Cross hall

Hoar Cross Hall Spa Hotel is a Grade II listed stately home in rural Staffordshire.

“Commissioned by Hugo Meynell Ingram as a home for his family, it was completed in 1871 and has a distinctive Elizabethan style with Jacobean overtones. Thanks to a painstaking restoration programme, all the public rooms radiate the same sense of splendour as they did during the years when Hoar Cross Hall was a private residence. Many are still touched by the presence of the Meynell Ingram family, from the assertive family motto in the entrance hall to the hand-carved monograms in the Ballroom.”


A quintessentially British tradition, this classic tea
ceremony dates back to the 1830’s when Anna
Maria, the Seventh Duchess of Bedford, first
introduced it to her exclusive circle of friends.


We had all been for afternoon tea before but nothing quite like this! We were given a talk on all the different varieties of tea and asked to smell and appreciate them and to make our own choice. She discussed our preferences and we were told how long to brew each cup and what flavours went best together and why- such as whether to add milk or not, or to add fruit such as lemon or orange. wpid-imag2902.jpgSarah had an oriental flowering tea, I had lady grey and mom had a camomile tea. There was a timer on the table that helped you to brew your tea for exactly the right amount of time.

wpid-imag2900.jpgWe all also had a glass of prosecco and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and good company! wpid-imag2891.jpgThe best bit was of course the cakes and sandwiches!! We had scones with clotted cream and jam still warm from the oven, a selection of finger sandwiches including ham and tomato, salmon and cream cheese, strawberry tarts, lemon and coconut custard slices, vanilla slices and chocolate eclairs!

wpid-imag2904.jpg wpid-imag2905.jpg wpid-imag2906.jpg

A great time was had by all- what a lovely way to spend the afternoon!

wpid-imag2884.jpg wpid-imag2888.jpg wpid-imag2895.jpg


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