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Gratitude Friday

Hi everyone, hope you have had a good week full of things to be grateful for. Here are a few things that we have been grateful for this week.

Joe jumping on the new bed!

New inflatable double bed  Our sofa is a bed settee and has been used for various visitors over the years, but now I’m afraid to say its not fit for purpose so we have invested in a lovely big inflatable bed! This is great because we can now ensure that our visitors can enjoy a comfortable nights sleep. We can’t wait to try it out ourselves this weekend when we go and visit friends in Leeds. Joe’s a big fan too- its great for this physio!

Showing grandad how to drive!
Adventuring on the adventure playground!
Taking nanny and grandad for a walk
watching the ducks with grandad

Visits from relatives We have had a great time with all our visitors, nanny came to stay for three days and I really enjoyed spending some quality time with her shopping for rockets for Joe! (Rockets are Joe’s latest obsession…”Rocket…the moon!” is his catchphrase). She was brilliant as usual coming with us to Joe’s epic hospital visit- we were out from 9.45am till nearly 3 pm going to appointments in two different hospitals- we barely had time to blink! She diligently carried bags and entertained Joe, got covered in numbing cream, and after his horrible injections she whipped out a postman pat from her bag that she has knitted to cheer him up (see nanny’s knitting below) hip hip hooray for nanny! Grandad Lex also came up for one night and we went to the park and had a lovely time looking at the ducks and playing on the climbing frame. Then we were joined by grandad Wayne for the night who sat and watched remote control diggers on the you tube with Joe for ages and after we settled Joe to sleep we all relaxed to watch spiderman with some pop corn. We are so grateful to have all these lovely grandparents coming to stay!

Rob lounging on one of nanny’s blankets
Postman Pat jumper
Hand made postman Pat

Nanny’s knitting  What would we do without nanny’s knitting! She can whip up an emergency postman pat in no time, keeps us all warm with her jumpers and cardigans, raises money for the CF trust with her knitted christmas decorations, every new baby she knows is bound to get a beautiful blanket or booties or both! The world would be a sad place without nanny’s knitting.

Mom having afternoon tea at hoar Cross hall

Afternoon tea see this blog post here to view all the afternoon tea fun and frolicks! But let me just say I for one am very grateful for tea, cake and lovely people to share them with.

Nanny and a very snuggly baby Max
Joe’s new hat
Auntie Sarah and cousin Max playing
Me at moms birthday eve breakfast
Marky and Joe playing in the garden

 Visiting family  We are always grateful to receive such a warm welcome when we go to visit our family- it’s lovely to catch up with everyone and I love to see Joe spending time with his cousins. I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to visit as often as we do.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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