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Blowing activities for physiotherapy and cystic fibrosis

Joe has had his visit to clinic and luckily everything seems fine at the moment. He is doing brilliantly with all his medication and physiotherapy, he’s gaining weight and has grown a few inches in height since last visit!


So the next progression in terms of his physiotherapy is introducing “blowing” to help open up his lungs and exercise them. Eventually he will be taught how to “huff” which is expelling a strong burst of air from the lungs with the help of your arms to push the air out- difficult to explain…imagine the funky chicken dance combined with heavy breathing and you are half way there, but he is only 15 months old and so we are starting with the less complicated blowing. Throughout the day and particularly after physio sessions we are to encourage Joe to blow. It’s difficult to encourage a wilful toddler to do anything that he doesn’t want to do at the best of times so we are trying to incorporate play into the blowing activities. So far we can get him to blow on his food, he blows raspberries and he blows bubbles around in the bath. My sister in law found these other ideas for activities that involve blowing which we are going to try. If your preschooler has CF why not try some of these games and see if it helps encourage them to participate in this aspect of physiotherapy! These games are suitable for any child whether they have to have physio or not so even if your kids don’t have CF I hope they give you some inspiration on ways to entertain your kiddos!

  • Launching rockets  is one of my favourite ideas because Joe loves Rockets! It’s such a simple premise, just make a paper rocket and use the straw to blow the rocket into space! Hours of endless fun! The instructions can be found here.
    Huff and puff spelling


  • This Huff and puff spelling game might be one to try when he’s a bit older but its still a great idea. Line upside down cups in a straight line against a wall to prevent the cups from blowing over. Create a starting line with something like masking tape and get your child to blows the pom-poms with the straw across the floor to go inside the cup opening! You can get the full instructions here.
    Elephants trunk


  • Blowing the Elephants trunk!  Simply draw an elephant, insert party blower for trunk and encourage kids to make the elephant toot his trunk!   You can find the original instructions here.
    Leaf blowing game


  • This Leaf blowing game would also be a good idea for Joe- minus the maths element- for Joe I would purely allow him to enjoy blowing and catching the leaves. For the full game instructions click here.


  • This volcano craft activity could also be used as a blowing game, the aim of the game being purely to blow on the fire at the top of the volcano and make the paper strips move so it looks like the volcano is erupting. For original link see here.
    Bubble experiment


  • This bubble experiment could also work quite well when joe reaches nearer to 2- purely making a bubble solution and using straws to blow bubbles on the table! For further ideas and instructions click here.

I’d love to hear if you have tried any of these games at home or let me know if you have any other ideas!


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