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Interesting things Wednesday

Hello everyone- here are few things we have found interesting or inspiring in the past week:

After receiving a lot of fresh, home grown veggies from my grandad’s allotment and Lex’s garden including onions, leeks, cherry tomatoes, marrow, cabbages and sweetcorn I have been looking at some recipes to try out! Here are a few of the recipes inspiring us this week.

tomato and mozzarella tart

click here for recipe.

tomato focaccia

Click here for recipe.

tomato cheese balls

click here for recipe.

marrow chocolate cake

you can find the recipe here.

leek onion and potato soup

find the recipe here.

After receiving the wonderful impromptu gift of a glue gun from my mom I have been looking at ideas on how to use it! Here’s a few things that caught my eye:

Glue holes in bath toys

This is a great idea for us as Joe cannot use bath toys as they collect mould and this can be dangerous for his CF.

button lamp

This is such a simple but very visually appealing idea! Just use a plain lampshade and go wild with glue and buttons!

Button Christmas star

Another great way to use buttons thats so festive!

And of course we have been inspired by all things rockets!

Cardboard Rockets!
plastic bottle rockets- heres the link!
yummy rocket!

Get the original how to make these rocket sandwiches here!

old school rocket!
Rocket mobile!

Get the how to here!

Hope you see lots to inspire you throughout the next week! Happy Wednesday!



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