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Interesting things Wednesday

Here are a few things we have found interesting or inspiring this week!

I have just finished reading this:

Mr Mercedes by Stephen King

I love Stephen King books- a passion that I  have inherited from my mom (reason my mom is great number 272)- and was very excited to hear that he was writing a crime trilogy. I read this in about 3 days which is quite a feat when you have a toddler about! A great read. I borrowed my copy from the library.

How i cheated death by Tim Wotton

I am now reading “How I cheated death: A short and Merry life with Cystic Fibrosis” which my mom brought after I recommended Tim Wottons blog which you can see here. I am finding it very compelling reading about Tim’s trials and successes- I think its a must read for anyone who knows someone, is related to someone or who deals with someone who suffers from the condition.

The Edge of the Woods

Above is the beautiful work of textile artist Karen Nicol: The Edge of the Woods. I am amazed by these beautiful textile artworks that are created with mixed fabrics, embroidery and fine jewellery and pearls, collaged photographic negatives and other gorgeous materials like taffeta, chiffon and leather. My particular favourite is the turquoise blue hare adorned with pearls.

warm wooly socks
hats, scarves and tights
Autumnal boots

I’m loving getting out my snuggly knits and dusting off my trusty boots now we have finally reached Autumn! This is my favourite season for clothes and also activities such as baking, going for chilly walks, watching movies and drinking hot chocolate!


Even Joe has worn a hat and scarf! (for around 15 seconds…world record) and below you can see us doing all these things- wearing knitted garments (both jumpers hand knit by my mom- reason my mom is great number 12) and going for chilly walks!


Hope you have found lots to be inspired by this week!



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