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This week I have been organising and tidying my craft and blogging space. It’s only a desk and a few drawers in the corner of the living room but I love having a little space set out and dedicated to just me and some of the things I love to do. It had become a bit of a dumping ground over the past few weeks so I took it upon myself to buy some more storage and sort it out a bit! I have to admit it’s made a huge difference, even just having a dedicated space to sit and do my blog has had a positive effect. I’ve also put up a pin board (a real version of pinterest- how novel!) to display little trinkets and photo’s that inspire me such as postcards, photos of Rob and Joe, the button hole from my brothers wedding and a get well card sent to Joe that looks like a crocodile.

Of course, in an ideal world I would have a whole room dedicated purely to craftiness, books and blogging! But as that’s not possible I shall just share with you some of the creative spaces that I have seen and I continue to dream about on a daily basis!

This looks so cosy! I love the fireplace and the whole wall dedicated to books, books, books! I have always wanted a library of my very own, ever since I was little and watched Belle swooning in the beasts library in Beauty and the Beast! Is that a dolls house I spy in the corner? Every little girls dream! And I especially love the detail of the old photographs displayed on the fireplace in mismatching frames. I could definitely while away the hours in there.

If only I was brave enough to stick loads of stuff up all over the walls! I love how you can just look up and be inspired- its so personal, unique and unpretentious- you wouldn’t have to worry about making a mess on the desk either, it looks very well used- which is how it should look! And I think how the stationary is stored right in front of you and at a mere arms reach is a great idea.

Drawers of colour coded neatly folded fabric- whats not to love!? It reminds me of the documentary I watched about the knitting artist Kaffe Fassett- he had rooms full of drawers all full of wool in every shade imaginable, all set out in beautiful colour coding so he knew exactly  where each colour would be if he needed it.We can dream right?

Kaffe Fassett

Red and white gingham? Check. Sewing machine? Check. Shabby chic dresser? Check. Can I please move in?

This wasn’t necessarily designed as a craft  room but still. Can you imagine?!!! What a great place to read a book! What a great place to write a book?!

Every craft room needs fairy lights! And a vintage typewriter! And a whole lots of very organised ribbon! 

Small? Yes. Beautiful? Definitely. I defy you to not feel creative in this room!

Clean, fun, fresh and feminine- a great space for blogging about gratitude don’t you think?! (I’m grateful for my workspace, i’m grateful for my workspace…..but I still want that panda pencil holder.)

Is it a library? Is it a craft room? A desk? A museum? It’s so damn interesting! Look at all the crazy nick knacks! There even appears to be a frame full of taxidermy birds. You never know when you might need those. Who says a workspace has to be practical!

Hope you have been inspired by these crafty spaces! Go forth and create yourself a little corner just for you. You’re worth it.




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