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Letter to the NHS

Just wanted to share with you this letter that was published in this months Psychologies magazine, the first thing I read when I opened the magazine, it really took me off guard- sometimes you just never know when, what and how in life you will be affected and how you will be touched and feel a kinship with someone who you will never meet-

It is published in the feature entitled “I’d like to thank….” and starts:

Dear NHS,

“A virus has got my daughter again and holds her in its deathly grip. Sometimes as I wait in sheer terror for yet another ambulance to arrive, I take her outside into the fresh air to help her breathe until modern medicine arrives- oh so incredible life saving medicine. As I’m outside in the crisp cold air I think how terrible it would be if this was all you had. I know we’ll get oxygen, nebulisers and antibiotics, and my daughter will probably be alright. I know that soon calm, helpful, amazing paramedics will arrive and save her, letting me know that everything will be just fine; that there is no need to panic.

When I put her in steamy bathrooms, prop her up with pillows, hang wet washing to humidify the room, I can’t help but think that in some developing countries, this is all they can do. When I pat her on the  back to dislodge mucus that blocks her lungs and stops her from breathing, I can’t imagine how helpless I’d feel if this was all that I had. I often feel helpless, but actually I have a whole team of people, medicine and equipment on hand to help. And I don’t even have to pay. Not everyone is so lucky.

I honestly don’t know how you do it, but I’m so grateful you do. To see so many sick children on a daily basis and be cheery and look after them like angels, even when you are on 12 hour shifts and you are tired and hungry. So to the paramedics, doctors, nurses, the NHS and to modern medicine, i thank you from the bottom of my heart. thanks to you most of the time my daughter is a happy, healthy, joyful soul living her life to the full.”



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