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Inspiring things Wednesday

Hi all, here are some things that we have found interesting and/or inspiring this week!

Grayson Perry’s channel 4 documentary “Who are you?”

We have been really inspired and touched by grayson Perry’s documentary so far which you can watch on 4Od now or click this link for more info.

Grayson Perry with the Jesus Army exploring the identity of family

In this programme Grayson Perry explores identity- and who better to do so than the turner prize winning, straight, white, married, middle class, cross-dressing artist?

Some of the identity issues he has covered so far include fame for fames sake and how your identity can change if you create another persona for the public eye, A male patriarch (the politician Chris Huhne) falling from grace and becoming vulnerable, A young transgender male changing his identity in the eyes of his family, a white british working class single mother converting to Islam, The Jesus army- people from broken families joining together as a new family through religion, a white gay couple adopting a mixed race son and an older couple whose identity has been dissected and broken by the devastating disease alzheimers.

This thought provoking and emotional programme is brilliantly led by Grayson Perry, who brings humor and passion to the subject but also shows great respect, understanding and amazing artistic ability in a wide range of mediums.

The portraits he has produced are available to see at the national portrait gallery in London until the 15th March 2015.

Here is the artists statement:

The fourteen portraits in this exhibition, displayed among the Gallery’s Collection, are not primarily concerned with what the subjects look like. They are images about the nature of identity, snapshots taken from the narratives of people’s lives. Our sense of ourselves feels constant but our identity is an ongoing performance that is changed and adapted by our experiences and circumstances. We feel like we are the same person we were years before, but we are not.

As my subjects I have chosen individuals, families or groups that somehow represent some important facets of the nature of our identity. I have attempted to portray the character of the identity journey they are facing. They have changed religion or gender, they have lost some of their physical or mental faculties, they have lost status, they belong to a group that is hoping it will be seen differently by society. All of them, I thought, show us something of the negotiations we are all involved in, unconsciously or otherwise, around who we feel we are and how we are seen.

For most of us, most of the time our identity works for us so we do not question it. But when it does not feel right, or is under threat, then we are suddenly made very aware of how central and vital our identity is.
Grayson Perry, 2014

Walking Dead 

walking dead season three

Robin and I are currently obsessed by The Zombie based TV series “The Walking Dead” We are watching series three now and have really enjoyed the gruesome gore, action packed thrills but also it has created great “What would you do?” discussion! It is obviously very fantastical and not true to life but it does cover some interesting issues and makes you question what’s important in your life and what lengths you would go to save the people you love.

The kindness of friends 

One other person who has inspired us this week is Auntie Lynne (one of our best friends) who gave up her weekend and her holiday from work to come and stay with us and help me take Joe to the hospital for his second set of palivizumab injections (see here). The kindness of some of the people we love really overwhelms us. Joe had a great time with uncle James and Auntie Lynne and I’m sure Auntie Lynne loved being woken up every morning by a little man knocking on the door shouting “T Lynne! T Lynne!” She has now gone back to work for a hard earned rest!

IMG_1590 IMG_1594 IMG_1596




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