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Bonfire night

Last night was Joe’s first real experience of bonfire night. We went to Granny and Grandpa’s and spent the evening with them, Uncle Nick, Auntie Lea and Barty the dog. When Robin was younger they had fireworks in the back garden at bonfire night most years as a family tradition so it was nice to think that Joseph has been the catalyst that has restarted another traditional family experience. IMG_1598 IMG_1601


We had a lovely tea of sausages and a bean casserole with tasty, warming bread and butter pudding for dessert, then we sat at the window and watched Daddy, Uncle Nick and Grandpa risk life and limb setting off rockets, sparklers, Roman candles and other fireworks in a wheelbarrow in the garden whilst munching on bonfire toffee.

Joseph loved the rockets and really enjoyed knocking on the window and shouting “again! again” whilst being passed from mommy to granny to Auntie Lea and back again. Rob said he turned round and could see Joe’s face lit up with a great big smile which made the whole night totally worth it.

When we got home we were worried that the fireworks would keep Joe up all night- especially as we had some exploding very loudly just behind our house, but he was so exhausted by all the excitement that he never made a peep, meaning that mommy and daddy could have a “Walking Dead” binge undisturbed! A wonderful night was had by all!

Hope you all kept safe and happy on bonfire night!


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