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The wooden train set

We were out and about yesterday at the Early Learning centre looking for christmas Inspiration for Joe. We set him free in the toys and let him lead the way, he dove straight for a tractor with huge wheels- he has a thing about wheels- but was soon distracted by the other bright objects and went from toy to toy until we saw this…..


A very large table specifically designed to set up your wooden train set, complete with 100 piece train set was displayed ready for the kids to test out and play with. He was hooked. Other children came and went but still he pushed the choo choos round and round the track in total awe. I put down the happyland tractor I had been carrying. It was no use denying it, this is what we would get Joe for Christmas. Where we are going to put it is another story!

Unfortunately we had already brought Joe a cheap little wooden train set for christmas from Morrisons- but after reading some bad reviews about the product, and seeing how much Joe loved playing with the trains, we decided to unwrap it and let him play with the Morrisons version in the run up to christmas.

So yesterday we spent all afternoon making…..

We sat Joe in a corner with a temporary set up while we made a base out of cardboard boxes wrapped in brown paper and set the glue gun to warm up.

Then Rob carefully built the train track. He then distracted Joe with some Pepper Pig and attempted to put him down for a nap while I glued all the pieces down. The nap was unsuccessful (all we could hear from downstairs was a little voice crying out choo choo! woo woo!)but when Rob brought Joe down and he saw the train set all ready and set up on the kitchen table he audibly GASPED! and said WOW-WEEE! Not a bad reaction from a £10 train set and a bit of cardboard. I think he might faint when he sees the train table set up at christmas!

Joe happily spent the rest of the evening playing with the train set, and the last thing he said before he went to bed?

“Bye bye choo choos”


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