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Winter with the Crawshaw family

Here’s a few pictures of what we have been up to as a family during the past week or so in the run up to Christmas and in the chilly weather!

Mommy entertaining Joe in mechanical christmas hat
look at that smile! Worth humiliating myself any day!


We’ve been doing a lot of looking at and buying christmas decorations and lights ready for Christmas this year! Even though there’s a lot to look at anything that involves a shop and a pushchair is often not a big plus for Joe so he has to get his kicks where he can. If this involves me wearing a mechanical singing and dancing christmas tree hat in the middle of homebase then so be it! Anything to see that smile! We also went to the amazing Barton grange Garden centre to see there displays- but it was soooooo busy we couldn’t really take it all in. Any excuse to go again!

wpid-imag3126.jpg wpid-imag3127.jpg



We have been for a lovely walk in the park to see the ducks to try and give Joe a bit of fresh air. I try not to let him out that much during the cold and wet winter months while he’s still little due to his cystic fibrosis so he’s not been attending playgroup or playing outside as much, so when he does venture out he loves it!


With playing outside being a bit restricted a lot of playing inside ensues. Plenty of rough and tumble (or “de gardening” as Joe calls it which is roughly translated to “get him, get him”), tickles, running around in the kitchen and sliding along the tiled floor in our socks, watching our favourite shows (Thomas the Tank engine, Fireman Sam, Bubble Guppies, bob the builder and Pepper Pig) dancing to the decemberists, playing witch choo choos and driving cars on the car mat. Endless fun! Our house now does resemble a childrens play group but thats fine. Chic and tidy will have to wait!






We are also planning on changing the bedrooms round so Joe gets the big room (with the creaky floor boards) and we get the little room. This would give Joe more room to play and put all his toys, and would mean that we wouldn’t have to tip toe around our room so as not to wake Joe up from his nap. The only problem being that the floor boards need protecting (as they are original wood and our landlord is quite precious about them) so in order for Joe to play happily in there he would need a carpet or rug. So we found this!

A HUGE car mat that nearly fills the whole room! it was only £20 at TK max! bargain! Wish us luck with the change around! Hope you are enjoying the beginning of winter and the run up to christmas!


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