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Christmas cards

Hi everyone hope you are all having a wonderfully festive December!

Just thought I’d share with you some of the Christmas cards I have made this year- it’s one of the things I love to do and I re-use material from all sorts of sources on lots of cards so many of the cards I make are semi environmentally friendly. I also used some card making sets that my mom brought me from Wilkinsons.


This is Robin’s card- he has a thing about stags at the moment so I cut out a silhouette that I drew by hand on fabulously glittery card, but had to add a festive red nose to make it a bit more fun and christmassy! I also used old buttons, washi tape and christmas ribbon that was from a set from lidl.


The girl card in the centre was painted by me using water colours- the image is based on a vintage card I saw on pinterest. The “wonderful time of the year” card was also hand drawn and based on an image from pinterest. The others are made from a card making set from Wilkinsons and the snowflakes and reindeers are pre-cut, but I added my own buttons and washi tape embellishments.

wpid-imag3178.jpgThe following card was made for our number one pepper pig fan Joseph! I used the box from a pepper pig gift set for the pepper image, and I had to add a star shaped button for our “super-duper star”!




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