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Gratitude Friday

I have to admit that I haven’t been keeping up with my gratitude journaling the past few weeks. Now after a bout of rubbish days (mainly financially related) I have decided instead of wallowing in self pity that it is the perfect opportunity to get back to grat!(itude).

One of the horrible things that has happened this week involved a buyer on ebay who purchased some of my lovely old baby stuff. After taking ages to pay they then made a false complaint to ebay (saying the items I sent were covered in dog hair and dirty- I don’t have a dog for a start off) and ebay have refunded her without consulting me so she now has my items and my money! I was very annoyed and quite distressed by this as it made me feel like a fraud even though I know I’m not, and also I could have given the items to someone who would have appreciated them or to charity rather than some fraudster lady!

I very nearly became obsessed over this- checking my emails every few minutes and stressing out- but I have stopped myself and decided to focus on gratitude instead.

I have decided that I’m not going to sell items on ebay anymore and that I am again going to focus on giving things to charity or free re-using websites. I was trying to re-coup a bit of cash as we are in a bit of financial difficulty at the moment but now I realise that it is still important to give even if we are struggling- not only is it less stressful than trying to sell previously loved stuff to unappreciative people on ebay for a pittance, giving also helps others and improves my well being.

So I am going to say that I am grateful for this experience as it has refocused me towards giving and gratitude again. I am also grateful for the lessons we have learned about money recently and although it will be difficult in the future in terms of finances it has reminded us that not only is money not the be all and end all of life it has made us appreciate what we do have all the more.

And I would also like to express gratitude for the festive period- who wouldn’t be thankful for a christmassy little man like this!

Joe Rudolphwooly hat

And wonderful Christmas food like this!(Giant Christmas cupcake by my sister in law Sarah and Christmas cake by my mom!)


Hope you have found lots to be grateful for this week!


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