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Pom pom wreath tutorial

I have been big into making pom poms the past few weeks- they are such an easy thing to pick up and put down when you have a busy toddler running about, and making pom poms ensures watching Dora the explorer for the 75th time that day is not quite so mind numbing.

I have used pom poms as christmas decorations and for wrapping presents but I wanted to try my hand at a slightly bigger project- something I could get my teeth into, so I went for a pom pom wreath!

Here is the finished product!

pom pom wreath
pom pom wreath

To make a pom pom wreath like this one you will need…..

  • Scissors
  • Pom pom maker (or your own method of making pom poms)(I used the large clover pom pom maker that I got as a free gift from hobbycraft with a voucher from Molly Makes but they are available from many retailers for around £4-£7.)
  • Assorted wool oddments (I used mainly blue, purple and silver but you can use whatever you have to hand or a theme of your own choice)
  • cardboard
  • A dinner plate and side plate
  • pen or pencil
  • Glue gun
  • Optional- mini baubles and peacock feathers (you can use whatever you have to hand- I used mini baubles, you could use beads or buttons, flowers- whatever! let your imagination run wild!)
  • strong ribbon


  1. Draw around a large dinner plate onto a sturdy piece of cardboard, then put the smaller side plate in the centre and draw around so you get a polo mint shape and cut out. You will need two of these.
  2. Make loads of pom poms- I made 30 for my wreath but it depends on the size of your dinner plate!
  3. Arrange on one of your polo mint cardboard rings and hot glue gun them to the cardboard like so-wpid-imag3238.jpg
  4. Next arrange your baubles (or other embellishments) and hot glue them into place- I used 12 mini baubles and arrange them around the centre of the wreath.
  5. Decide where you want the top of your wreath to be. Turn it face down and firmly glue some strong ribbon or string to the top of the cardboard in a loop so you can hang your wreath.
  6. If you are using feathers arrange them on the cardboard and glue too so that when turned over they are displayed at the edges of your wreath.
  7. Finally hot glue gun your second cardboard ring over the first to seal the ribbon and feathers in place and to provide extra sturdiness.

Wallah! A wreath! wpid-imag3241_1.jpg

And if you need anymore inspiration take a look at these wreaths for more ideas!

by Eline Pellinkhof
from WIPKITS blog

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