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Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!

Hope you are all having a great Christmas Eve and festive time up until now!


Here are some of the things we have been making in the run up to Christmas!

The cake above I started making in Late november and is based on a recipe from Nigella’s Christmas book. The original recipe can be found here.

I used dates in mine and had no raisins so used mainly currants. I used mixed chopped nuts and lots of sweet sherry. To decorate the icing holly and berries were from Asda, the ribbon from Adli and the cake toppers were presents from Christmases in the past!

I served my Christmas cake this weekend at a buffet style meal we did for Rob’s parents. My Dad and his wife to be were meant to be coming but unfortunately they were full of a cold and couldn’t come visit for fear of passing it on to Joe (one of the many pitfalls of CF.)


We also made yummy scrummy rocky road and soy and cranberry glazed sausages both of which are Nigella’s Christmas recipes too.


It’s not just me who’s been crafting away! Joe and I had a great time making these jolly Christmas pictures for all the grandparents- it was the first time we had done a proper craft activity together and although Joe did try to eat the glue and crayons several times it went quite well! His favourite thing to do was stick stickers on and he really loved the buttons.


As I mentioned before we have been going a little pom pom mad these past few weeks and have used pom poms to embellish some of the christmas wrapping- Joe thinks pom poms are great fun too!


And if by chance you are in need of some last minute gift tags please check out these beauties which I have recently printed out to test my Christmas pressie from my lovely husband (a bit early I know) a brilliant new printer! Free printables from Kelli Murray here.

Free gift tag printables


Once again hope you all have a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year!! Love from the Crawshaws!


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