52 weeks of gratitude challenge

I saw this list on pinterest and thought it would be a good way of practicing gratitude to try out the challenge on the blog and share the experience with my readers, as well as keeping a personal day to day gratitude journal at home. This way I can experiment and see if the practice of gratitude really does have a positive effect on my well being, and the happiness of others.

The Challenge

So this year instead of Gratitude Friday posts, every two weeks I aim to update the challenge and express gratitude for the many various aspects of my life, why don’t you give it a try too!

So here goes week one! 

Why start this challenge?

As you all know from previous posts on gratitude and my gratitude Friday series I have been trying to instill a gratitude practice into my day to day life in order to see if it has a positive impact on my life and on the lives of the people closest to me. I’m going to start this challenge so I can create a written record of my practice, but also so I can express gratitude for parts of my life that otherwise perhaps would go unnoticed or un thought about (like number 39). Hopefully this will encourage other people to practice a little gratitude too, or even just take a few seconds out of one moment to notice the good things in life instead of just the bad.

Let me know If you’ve taken up the challenge too!

Hope your having a great January!



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