Adventures in play


This year I want to start doing more things with Joe, making the most of the time we share together day by day and making sure that we socialise with other children and other adults.


Because Joe has Cystic Fibrosis we have been particularly precautious while he was little about him keeping as cold and infection free as possible.



The downside of this meant that we tried not to let him have too much contact with other children or places that harbour germs such as doctors waiting rooms, over crowded places, places that are damp and cold but also play groups, play centres and swimming pools.


This can be quite socially isolating at times for both me and Joe, and I have felt guilty about his lack of interaction with other kids especially as he hasn’t got any siblings, even though it has proved to keep him really well for the first 1 and a half years of his life.


Now that Joe is bigger and stronger, he is on his last RSV injection next month, I think its time we take off one of his layers of cotton wool and get him involved in social situations (obviously common sense prevails and we wouldn’t knowingly put him in a situation where he was surrounded by people with chest infections.)


One of the things that will be really important in his life and health is physical exercise- the more he does the stronger his lungs will be and the better he will hopefully be at fighting off infection in the future, so we want to get him active and involved in sports as early as possible.




We have started taking him swimming, have signed him up for little kicks toddler football, and I have been trying out lots of soft play centres and active play groups in the area- trying to get him to have at least an hour of physical exercise every week day.


He is a very active little man in general and even when we have “quiet days” at home he spends lots of time climbing, running about like a loon, jumping on his trampoline, dancing and partaking in general throwing himself about.


As well as social groups and sporty activities, I’ve been trying to find other ways to keep him (and me) entertained in the day- it can be a challenge some days to think of ideas and very tempting to put several hours of Nick Jr on to placate him, but I am determined to keep finding fun activities we can do together to not only keep him occupied but also so we can make lots of happy memories together.


Here are just some of the activities we have tried this week:

  1. Swimming
  2. playing at the park
  3. Gymnies (gym session for toddlers)
  4. playgroup
  5. baking
  6. play dough
  7. colouring with crayons
  8. stickers and glue
  9. looking at photographs
  10. dancing
  11. hide and seek
  12. throwing and chasing pom poms
  13. playing with toys- including train sets, farms, rockets, cars and car mat, blocks, jigsaws
  14. reading lots of books- particular favourites have been “Whatever Next” by Jill Murphy and “The Gruffalo’s child”
  15. Watching short films like the Toy story shorts
  16. playing with teddy- putting him to bed
  17. pretending to be asleep and shocking each other awake (this can last for an inordinately large amount of time)
  18. Pretending to fly like an aeroplane
  19. Going for walks
  20. sweeping up

How do you keep your toddler entertained all day every day?


Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures of our escapades and adventures in play so far this month!



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