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Date Night Ideas when you’re strapped for cash

date night ideas
date night ideas

One of the things that me and Rob have been doing for a few years now is having regular date nights. Since having Joe this has become a little more difficult but at the same time even more important to our relationship.

We don’t get chance to do date nights every week but we try to do something together as often as we possibly can.

Now, although we occasionally get the chance to go out for a meal or have an evening to ourselves with the help of family and friends, more often than not we have to find date night ideas that are free or very cheap, and can take place at home while Joe is asleep upstairs.

For Rob’s birthday this year I made him a pack of date night cards to choose from, each one containing an idea for a way we can spend some quality time together.


I did quite a lot of searching online for ideas, some of them are probably things you could have thought of yourself, others might spur you on to try something a little different!


Here’s the date night ideas I came accross, why don’t you try some of these yourselves?

  1. Candlelight Night Spend the evening without electric lighting- candles only permitted- you could take this a step further and have no electric at all, causing you to find new ways to entertain yourselves!
  2. French Night Have a French inspired meal together (coq au vin? beef bourguignon? Baguettes, cheese and red wine?), indulge in a French film (or a film with French actors in or based in France will do…) and who knows, you might even get a French Kiss?!
  3. Candle lit dinner This is an oldie but a goodie, cook a nice meal and have a candlelit dinner or supper together, put on a tablecloth, get out the posh cutlery and revive the old art of conversation- no phones/tablets allowed at the table!
  4. Chill out evening This is a good one after a busy or stressful week- just put on some nice music and read magazines together curled up on the sofa like you did as a teenager- you can read separate magazines if your interests aren’t compatible!
  5. Cook up a storm Choose, cook and eat a new recipe together, something neither of you have ever tried before!
  6. Go Camping in your living room Roll out the blankets and sleeping bags, tell stories around the (electric)fire and chow down on some campfire snacks! (marshmallows or fondue would be good ideas to start with!)
  7. Old Dogs New Tricks Teach each other something or learn something new together!
  8. At Home Spa-break Crack open the bubbly and strawberries dipped in choc (or whatever snack you fancy), but on your towelling robes and use potions and lotions to give each other a spa style treat!
  9. Movie Night with Snack bar! This is something the kids could join in with too for a nice family evening or just the two of you for an indulgent romantic treat! Pick your film and set up a snack bar complete with popcorn, sweets, chocolate and fizzy pop! you could even use props to give it a more authentic feel! Check out these free printables from catch my!
    Free printables from Catch my


  10. Crafty evening Have a fun evening of crafting together- make something for each  other or as a couples project- a good easy idea could be a collage using images you both love found in old magazines, or a smash book with a theme such as “our dream home”. Use your imagination!
  11. Love Languages Go to and discover each others love language! Now communicate!
  12. Scrabble session Order a takeaway and spend the evening taking part in a scrabble championship! You decide the prize to up the stakes!
  13. Afternoon Tea Evening Set up the cake stand, bring over the triangles sandwiches and scones and jam plus a pot of steaming tea (or coffee) and enjoy each others genteel company. If you have the time and inclination you could decorate with bunting, make your own cakes or you could even dress up for the occasion and dont forget your best china!
  14. Take Out! Get some take out coffee from your favourite coffee chain and sit curled up together on the sofa reading books with your hot beverages. Not big readers? Then sit and chat together instead like you would with an old friend who you met for coffee.
  15. Computer game Evening Bring out your inner teenager, boot up the games console and play computer games with- or against- each other!
  16. Board Game Night Pull out your favourite board games and card games for a board game bonanza!
  17. Memory Lane Get out the old photograph albums and take a trip down memory lane. You could even make a photo album together of special memories, choose some special photos to print out and display or get the camera out and take some new photos to create new memories together!
  18. Music is the food of love Sit down together, put some music on that you both love and make a couples CD or soundtrack on your Ipod filled with songs that mean something to you both.
  19. Double feature date night In this movie night you both choose a film and watch it back to back- you could even use these props found on where I snaffled the idea from!
    dating divas double feature props


  20. Brunch Date No time in the evening? Why not have breakfast together? Coffee, pastries and the paper- what more could you wish for?!
  21. Carpet Picnic Lay down a comfy rug in the living room, and get out the picnic basket! Enjoy a traditional picnic tea in the comfort of your lounge! (If you have a nice garden and the weathers good you could do it in the garden instead if you want!)
  22. TV Series Marathon Get your pj’s on, dim the lights and prepare to binge on your favourite TV show together- Box set of Walking Dead anyone?

Here are some other Ideas I found on


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