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52 weeks of gratitude challenge : Spouse

Dear Robin,

It is often the people closest to us that we take the most advantage of, when you are with someone every day you begin to forget to notice all the little things, the small reasons why you love that person and the miriad of reasons why you are grateful for them. Today I am going to express some of the reasons why I am grateful for you and some of the things you do that I am so thankful for.


Firstly thank you so much for being a morning person! Anyone who really knows me, knows I am definitely not a morning person, if allowed I would stay in bed indefinitely and find it very difficult to get up and go everyday. You dutifully rise early almost every morning to start Joe’s routine of physio and medication, nappy changing and breakfast whether its a weekday or a weekend you jump out of bed without a complaint and tell me you love me as you leave me to sleep for a precious half hour more. You hardly ever complain, or ask me to take a turn, and sometimes, even when you have a chance to lie in you turn it down. I think this is a wonderful, kind thing and it makes my life so much better- without sleep I am a grumpy, miserable wretch- you understand that about me and you love me all the same. So thank you.



Thank you Robin for telling me i’m beautiful and that you love me everyday. I may not always believe you, and some days I think you must be completely blind, but without fail, everyday, at least once you tell me I’m beautiful and that you love me. Just those few words each day make such a difference to my self esteem- you help me feel like I can face the day and any challenges that come my way. So thank you.


Thank you Robin for understanding maths, and for not laughing (too hard) when I have to add up on my fingers, or miscalculate, or look up how to do percentages on line (again). You think my number dyslexia is cute rather than annoying and frustrating, so thank you for doing all our workings out and for correcting my mistakes without making me feel stupid.


Thank you for listening and attempting to understand me. I am a complex human being, often overtaken by some emotion or another that is often inexplicable. I burst into tears at inopportune moments, sometimes I blab out all my emotions in a torrid of anger, other times I clam up tight and still you always gently prise out my problems, not giving up on me, listening patiently. I really don’t know how you put up with me. And yet, you will sit and listen, really listen, to any concern I have, any crazy idea, any thought that pops into my head. If it’s important to me, it’s important to you. So thank you for listening and for helping me to know I exist and that someone cares.


Thank you for being a great Dad to our son. I know you find it hard sometimes, especially when Joe seems to have eyes for everyone but you. But trust me, one day he will realise how lucky he is to have a Dad like you. You are there, you are present, you are interested. That’s a lot more than many men do for their children- not counting the midnight get ups, the early mornings, the physio sessions, the doses of medication, the hours sat up worrying, the excitement on your face every time you see him, the love that you show him, and us, everyday without fail.


Thank you for providing for us and for not making me feel guilty for being a stay at home mom. When we found out that Joe had CF you did not question my desire to stay at home and look after him, in fact you supported me fully and still do. You dutifully go to work day in, day out and never complain or cast a jealous glance. You have no problem with providing for us and you often say how I deserve and earn the money just as you do. You never belittle my position and you often thank me for the things I do every day that a lot of people wouldn’t notice. You understand and appreciate that my job is hard and that I’m never really off duty. Whenever I have doubts about whether I have made the right decision to stay at home and give up my career, you remind me how important my role is at home, you show me how marvelous our son is and you say that it is a testament to what I do every day. And when you come home from your hard day at work and the house is a mess, the dinners no where near ready, Joe’s half dressed and I look like the dogs dinner you never EVER ask me “what have you done all day?”.

daddy and joe xx

Thank you for being kind, generous, caring, handsome, funny, silly, romantic, interested, interesting, loyal, ours.

There are a million and one reasons why I am am grateful for you, the list is endless.

Thank you for being my Husband. The father of my child. My Confidant. My Best Friend.

Thank you.

Love from Rachel xxxx




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