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Joes Playroom

We moved house a few weeks ago to a lovely 3 bedroomed place near to Robins family. Unfortunately we had grown to really dislike our old house because of the noisy neighbours- we were getting very little sleep and on edge all the time. When they got a puppy to add to the noise we decided it was best if we cut our losses and left (which is luckily possible to do when you are renting).

Over the next few weeks thought I might share with you some pics of our new place! We have been very very lucky with the generosity of family to be able to live here, in such a lovely place- I want us to really enjoy living here and take pride in our home- as well as remembering how lucky we are to be here at all!

So Im going to start with the most important room in the house! Joe’s playroom!

It’s actually the dining room as well, but as you can probably see from the pictures its mainly Joe’s room- he’s the main focus of the decoration! Hope you like it!

Joe's playroom
Joe’s room

The Bunting is handmade by me, I made it for Joe’s first birthday party which had a cowboy theme. The Knight picture is embroidered, an antique now,  by one of Robins relatives. The Noggin the Nog Picture is painted by me in water colours. Rob loved Noggin as a child and hopes to pass this love on to Joe- Joe calls it “The pirate ship”. The giant car mat was a bargain from Home sense- we brought it to cover the wooden floor in Joe’s previous bedroom.

Joe's playroom
Joe’s Epic train set

The train track and table is from the Early Learning Centre and was Joe’s Christmas present. Thomas was a Christmas gift too from Joe’s great Uncle.

Joe's playroom
Joe playing with his farm

The farm mat and wooden toys were from Joe’s granny and grandpa, there is a wooden farm building to go with this but it’s still boxed up at the mo, so he is using a farm shape sorter from nanny instead. The plastic farm animals are from ELC.

Joe's playroom
Perusing the book case for truck books

Books, rockets and Peppa Pig- what could be better?! The wooden rocket is from wilkinsons.

Joe's playroom
Rocket to the moon!!

Joe loves rockets and some of his first words were “rocket to the moon!” This cool rocket was a gift from nanny and comes with two space men, an alien and a space buggy. Joe loves it. It is often crash landing at various places in the house.

Joe's playroom
Pat driving through Greendale

Postman Pats van was also a gift from nanny. Joe says “Pats a happy man”. So wise.

Joe's playroom
Books and toys galore
Joe's playroom
Joe being a mechanic

This tractor was a gift from nanny and comes from mothercare: Joe loves it and has had it for some time now, hence the need for a mechanic.

Hope you have enjoyed looking around Joe’s playroom and have gathered some inspiration for play spaces of your own!

Here are some other fantastic play areas and kids rooms I’ve found on the web just to give you a bit more inspiration! (and me!)

Found on
Found on
Found on
source unknown (off pinterest)

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