Robin, world book day, Lion, Aslam the lion, the lion the witch and the wardrobe
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World Book Day

Happy World book day everyone!

Robin, world book day, Lion, Aslam the lion, the lion the witch and the wardrobe
Robin, dressed and ready for work.

As Robin works in a school library he had to dress up as a character from literature to work today. With 20 minutes notice and few resources this morning we managed to cobble together a fairly decent Lion outfit so that Robin could go to work as Aslan from the lion the witch and the wardrobe.

The lion the Witch and the wardrobe by C.S.Lewis
Aslan, lion the witch and the wardrobe, world book day, fancy dress
See the resemblance?

I found the free printable lion mask on pinterest- here’s the link  for all your future lion mask needs!

Free printable lion mask

And I made the tail with a strip of yellow fabric, with wool tied to the end. Robin also noted that his outfit could also double up as a fancy dress costume for colman’s mustard, minus the tail and mask of course!

Future fancy dress idea?

So what have you all being doing to celebrate world book day?

Me and Joe had a book reading marathon this morning and we read:

 These are obviously a bit old for Joe but he actually really loves the illustrations by Quentin Blake- he’s big into monsters at the moment and particularly loved crocky wock the crocodile and the three little pigs.

This one is great because it is so bright and colourful and is interactive with its hide and seek pages.


Joe loves cowboys, this cute adventure has lots of cowboy dialect which adds extra interest to the story when you are reading it out loud!

Plus we read lots of board books for very small children about getting dressed and things around the home.

I am also back into reading at the moment, I’m currently reading:



This book is all about looking at the reasons for and against having an only child. It’s a very interesting read, but also heart wrenching and thought provoking.

I’m finally getting round to reading this award winning novel, my friend has lent me a copy and it has been recommended to me countless numbers of times. I’m glad to report that so far it is failing to disappoint.

Hope you all have a fantastic World book Day- why not beg, borrow or buy a book today, who knows where it could lead!?



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