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What can I do now?

I find it is often the way with me that when I am busy and my diary is full to the brim with things to do I can always think of a million things I’d like to do, or need to do or want to do instead.

But then when I do get an hour or so to myself that isn’t scheduled in for anything in particular I often get paralyzed by the free time and  end up wasting it unable to remember what all those things were- most likely whiling away the time scrolling through pinterest or instagram only to find the hour has gone and its time to go back to being a busy mom.

So I have started a notebook where I can write down any ideas of things I’d like/need/want to do when I have a minute so I can refer back to it when my mind goes blank with the aim that I don’t waste my precious time looking at what other people have been doing on the internet!

If you are the same as me and you sometimes get paralysed like this here is the beginning of my list to provide inspiration- maybe there’s something in here that you would like to do too!

  • Write a list
  • write in journal
  • write a blog post (see this link for ideas!)
  • write down ideas for future blog posts
  • write a letter to someone
  • ring a friend or family member
  • make a card                                                       
  • work on Etsy shop
  • Make some pom poms!                                    
  • read a book                      
  • read an article or magazine
  • Read through an old cookbook to get ideas
  • organise a recipe folder                  
  • work on shopping list and meal plan for following week
  • draw something
  • paint nails              
  • colour in mindfulness colouring book (Rob got me one of these as a surprise present)
  • bake a cake

    Robin's birthday cake- I made this from a recipe from the  "Cake Days" cook book-its an apple and pecan spice cake
    Robin’s birthday cake- I made this from a recipe from the “Cake Days” cook book-its an apple and pecan spice cake
  • sort or edit photographs
  • clean something
  • organise a drawer or cupboard

    Not my drawer
  • sort out the post
  • make something!
  • research something you are interested in

Hope this has given you some ideas! xxx




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