Great pom pom projects from around the web brought to you by

Great Pom pom projects from around the web

Great pom pom projects from around the web brought to you by

I am always on the lookout for new and interesting projects to try at home and to give me inspiration for my Etsy shop. Here are some great projects from around the web that involve pom poms that have been inspiring me to keep pom pom-ing the hours away !

Pom Pom bunny wedding cake topper
Wedding cake topper

This wedding cake topper is from another seller on Etsy the “FeltingNinja“- sadly it’s no longer available to buy but I think it’s quite a cute idea! You could also make other cake toppers for birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations using different animals or Just big fancy pom poms on sticks like the ones from below.

pom pom cake decoration
pom pom cake decoration


Talking of animal pom poms these furry creatures are a great idea from Mr Printables- you can find the tutorial here.

Pom Pom crafts, pom pom animals
Pom Pom animals from Mr printables

With different coloured wool and a bit of practice the options are endless when it comes to making animal pom poms!

pom pom book marks
Pom Pom book marks

These pom pom bookmarks are a great idea from they are fun to look at and very easy to make, click on the link above to take you to designmom’s website for a full turorial.

pom pom DIy, fruit and veg pom poms
Pom Pom fruit

The Pom pom fruit above are also from Mr Printables, check out how to make them here! These would be cute as decorations or for children to play shops or kitchens with!

This pom pom rug is an ultra soft, ultra cute make for a baby’s bedroom- you could make a brighter, bigger one for a play room or as a funky piece in a modern living room.

pom pom rug, pom poms, baby gifts pom poms
Pom Pom rug

The pom pom rug above is from and a full tutorial is provided with plenty of photographs.

Pom Pom UP House mobile
Up House

This House inspired by the Pixar film “UP” is brilliant! What a great idea for a mobile in a baby’s bedroom! You can get the full tutorial here from Craft me happy!

And finally I love the idea of pom pom confetti for your wedding, like these below from Style me! What a great alternative to traditional wedding confetti.

pom pom confetti for wedding
pom pom confetti

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