Vintage style Headscarf tutorial 

vintage style headscarf tutorial rrandj.wordpress.com4

I spent part of this afternoon whipping up this vintage style headscarf on my sewing machine and thought I’d share the how-to guide with you!

As you can see (above) I’m a very tidy and organised worker….

I have been thinking about making a headscarf for a while for a number of reasons, firstly because I am currently trying to grow my hair and it’s at a peculiar stage at the moment where it goes all kinky and crazy on one side and straight at the other so I needed some funky hair accessories to hide my unsightly main in a flash. Secondly because I am a big fan of vintage style, and although I don’t ever always dress like a 1950’ss starlet  I do like to add a vintage twist to my look every now and again. Below are some people rocking the vintage style headscarf look.

vintage pin up headscarf tutorial from
Vintage pin up alternative style
vintage head scarf style tutorial
head scarf summer style
House wife chic!
vintage headscarf tutorial
how to tie an ordinary scarf like a vintage headscarf!

Thirdly I’d got lots of lovely vintage Laura Ashley Fabric that we found in grandma’s loft that I have been using to customise and make my wreaths (available at my Etsy store) but I wanted to use some of it for another project that I could use and keep myself. This is a perfect way to utilise any left over fabric you have from other projects or to turn hand me down clothes and fabric into something wearable and loved.

The how to guide I found from the lovely blog Blue ginger doll which you can visit here. Please give her blog a visit! And you can follow these basic instructions below to make your headscarf too!

vintage style headscarf tutorial rrandj.wordpress.com6

This project is perfect for beginners, you will need

Fabric of your choice

sewing machine

fabric scissors


pattern paper (you can use whatever you have to hand, I used baking parchment for my pattern)

  1. On the pattern paper draw a rectangle roughly 32 inches by 4 inches with a point at each end, and add a 1 cm seam allowance- cut this out.vintage style headscarf tutorial rrandj.wordpress.com7
  2. Pin on the wrong side of the fabric of your choice and cut out (you will need to do this twice.
  3. Pin the right sides if the fabric together (you can tack around the edges here if you wish but I didn’t)
  4. Sew the two pieces together leaving your seam allowance and leave a small gap (of around 1-2 inches) so you can turn the fabric inside out in a few minutes.
  5. Trim away your seam allowance and turn the fabric right side out so the pattern is now on the outside.
  6. Iron your headscarf and then top stitch around the outer edge to seal up the gap you left earlier plus to give it a professional finish

And hey presto you have a headscarf!!




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