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Our Easter part one: friends, bubbles and a woodland baby shower

I was just going to do one post to cover all we have done over Easter but we have packed so much into our two week holiday I have decided to do it in installments!

So to start with here is a look at some photos of our trip to visit friends and a mini baby shower celebration we threw with a woodland theme for one very special pregnant lady!

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Joe had a wonderful time meeting Maddie the dog for the first time, seeing his auntie lynne, uncle James and auntie Zoe, eating lots of chicken poppers and chocolate cake, playing with the multitude of animal door stoppers which he can be seen kissing in a photo above and the icing on the cake was the wonderful and very effective bubble truck from Auntie Zoe!

The visit wasn’t without drama- as it always is working with children and animals! Joe ran straight into a table whilst wielding a fox shaped door stopper with great glee and ended up with a great big swollen black eye which he is still sporting today. Maddie the dog ended up at the vet having a pain relief injection after hurting  her paw playing a game of catch the ball in the garden- luckily she was ok just a bit sullen for a while.

But much fun was had by all showering the lovely lynne with gifts and putting on our woodland themed masks to eat a lovely dinner and cakes.

The masks are from the huggies pinterest page and are available as a free printable you can find more inspiration and links to the printables HERE:

Animal masks- woodland themed baby shower
Animal masks

The bubble truck which I have to say is very good is pictured below- obviously as it was a gift I don’t know where its from/how much it cost but I’m pretty sure its widely available after a quick google search for around £15-£20 if you’re interested in purchasing one for your child. (Please remember if you have a child with Cystic FIbrosis please make sure you change the bubble mixture after each use as stagnant water can carry germs that may cause problems for children with CF.) It is also recommended for three + years so obviously adult supervision is required if your child is under three like Joe

Bubble truck!

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