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Easter holidays: Nanny and grandad, southport and “miniature locomotives!”

Over the Easter  holiday we had the pleasure of nanny and grandad coming to stay for Easter weekend and we got up to all sorts, visiting Southport, going on a carousel for the first time, eating chips, flying balloons and visiting the miniature railway village were just some highlights!

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It was a beautiful sunny day at Southport even though we got a little bit lost on the way. Joe loved the carousel….for the first few minutes anyway and then started to cry because he wanted to go in a different horse, the ride then seemed to go on forever and we could all just watch and wait in trepidation as grandad and Joe whizzed round and round at a disturbingly slow pace- grandad fighting to keep Joe seated and Joe crying for “mommy!”

After that ordeal new experience we walked over to the miniature railway (whilst trying to distract Joe from the giant playground) and continued to have a lovely time!

After a brief few moments out of his buggy and tantruming as he wanted to touch the trains, we strapped him safely in so he could watch them go past at a safe distance. Unlike most toddlers Joe did not exclaim “choo choo!” when he saw the trains go past, he instead said “mommy, that’s a miniature locomotive!” ( he has picked this phrase up from Peppa Pig- who said TV doesn’t teach you anything!)

Grandad filled out the “can you spot the…?” quiz on Joe’s behalf (it was quite troublesome, we had a difficult time finding bob the builder…, he was eventually discovered by nanny coming out of the sweet shop) as we went round and Joe got a sticker at the end which he is still proudly sporting on  his coat.

Then off we went to McDonalds for lunch, Joe ended up with two happy meal toys as someone had left one at our table from a previous visitor much to the astonishment and dismay of the children sat at the next table who were eyeing him up enviously over their chicken nuggets.

Joe got a balloon after much hard work from nanny who had to untie some from a post after he let the fist one go. These 2nd balloons lasted around two and a half minutes until Joe managed to untie them from his wrist and set them free exclaiming “high up in the sky! nanny chase!” just as we got to the car.

As for the rest of the weekend we had a lovely family dinner on Easter Sunday with Granny and Grandpa, nanny and grandad, mom, dad and Joe, we  went for a nice walk around Clitheroe, ate lots of simnel and chocolate cake and played in the garden as well as having lots of fun with our new dinosaur book and colouring sheets from nanny and grandad and receiving copious amounts of Easter eggs and chocolate!

All in all a great Easter weekend!



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