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Easter holidays: Trains, Lytham and more trains

As you can see we have had a bit of a train theme running through the Easter holiday- but it’s come to be expected that there may be a vehicle or two involved in some way in most of our family activities.

We have had lots of fun with granny and grandpa this Easter, now we live not too far down the road we can annoy visit them on a regular basis! Some of the best things we did with Granny and grandpa over the holiday were visiting Lytham where we  played on the park pretending to be a postman, a conductor and a train driver, walking down the jetty to watch the speed boats (surrounded by sea hay and stagnant water…..mommy was a bit tense) getting a toy boat for our very own to play with in the bath and (just about) getting an ice cream from an ice cream man who did not quite understand English (at least not the words ice cream, tub, cup and pot….) and we also shared with them our first trip on a real train which was very exciting! So exciting that we had to put up our own train track when we got home!

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