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Spring wood

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A continuation of our adventures over the Easter holiday! We all really enjoyed adventuring in the woods, specifically Springwood near Whalley in the Ribble Valley. It was a beautiful sunny day and we all needed to strip off by the time we climbed to the top of the hill!

Joe did amazingly well and climbed up pretty much the whole way and back by himself- his physio said that it was a very impressive amount of walking for a one and a half year old.

We spent most of the walk looking for the Gruffalo, but we didn’t quite catch a glimpse of him, although we did see “gaston” the ladybird sitting sunning himself on a log. Joe wanted to find the “elves and fairy kingdom” but they were too well hidden this time.

Since our Easter holiday joe has been asking to go for a walk in the woods most days, luckily now we have a garden on the days where walking in the woods isn’t quite possible he can play and adventure outside to his hearts content.


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